Monday, February 7, 2011

It's brunch time!

Have you ever noticed that it is hard to find brunch deals online for Arlington or just figure out where to go for one? I know there have been many Sunday mornings ( or Saturdays mornings) that I have been laying around and want to get something to eat, and not just the Ihop  or Silver Dinner down the street, but something really good. Something that can fill my belly and also kill my possible hangover from the night before. (Possibly, with another drink...) So I decided that there needs to be an end to this madness of lack of information. It's time to let people know there are GOOD places to go on this side of the Potomac River. So starting next weekend ( Just so happens to be Valentines weekend) I, Ms. Bean and friends will start the Arlington Brunch Club.  We will search for great deals, food, atmosphere and of course MIMOSAS!!! We will leave no area of Arlington unturned ( okay, okay at least we will try to) I wonder where we will end up?