Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sunday Brunch at Liberty Tavern

3195 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 465-9360

Brunch Served Sundays from 9:30am - 2:00pm
Regular Hours: Monday- Saturday 11:30am; Sunday 9:30am - 2:00am
Neighborhood: Clarendon
Nearest Metro Station: Clarendon Station
Brunch Price: Adults $19 Children $8
Featured Cocktails:Fresh Fruit Bellini $8 
                               Mimosa made with fresh OJ $4 
                          The Grapefruit Buck with Absolute Ruby Red $6
                          Breakfast Bloody Mary with Brooklyn Lager chaser $5

Restaurant Website: The Liberty Tavern

I have always thought of The Liberty Tavern as a great place to have drinks with friends and grab a snack or dinner at but I never realized that they served brunch on Sundays. Once I found this out I had to investigate what this brunch was like. Would there be mimosas? Would it be expensive? Well here is what I found out...

The price of the brunch was a good price. $19 for all you can eat buffet or A La Carte menu.  The buffet included food such as fruit salad, scrambled eggs, North Country Applewood Smoked Bacon, rice, salmon with lemon caper sauce... you will have to either visit the website or go to brunch to know what the rest are.  Here is a picture of the brunch set-up upstairs. 
The Buffet 
What I loved about this brunch is that every person that gets a buffet brunch gets three pancakes with it. I did not realize this when I was getting my food and a very nice server found me and brought me my pancakes :)  Here  is a picture of my plate... not the usual brunch combination you would see but you can see some of the food they offered from that. 

My very interesting combination for brunch
The one thing that I was a little disappointed about was that they did not have a create your own omelet station. You can get an omelet off the A La Carte menu, but then you would have to pay for the buffet and the omelet. 

The A La Carte menu looked tasty. One of the brunch clubbers decided to get order from the brunch menu. The combinations looked tasty, but not the best if you are hungover like I was. The menu follows Liberty Taverns unique but great combination of food. An example of this would be Maine Lobster Roll, housemade split top roll, cucumber mayonnaise, tarragon, scallion which is $15.  Sounds amazing right?

The drinks prices seemed to be good, but when there are places that included bottomless mimosa for brunch.  If you are looking for a place to start your "Sunday Funday" this may not be the best place to start. The prices are good for drinks, but if you would like to have tons of "fun" there are places in Arlington that have I have heard have bottomless Mimosas.  

*Note Liberty Tavern may not be the best place to get brunch if you are hungover. Let's be honest, when you are hungover you want something fried and potentially unhealthy. Everything at  The Liberty Tavern is healthy and may not help cure your hang over.  

The Arlington Brunch Club rates this brunch a 8 out of 10.  Look job Liberty Tavern!

Stay tuned for next weeks review. Will I find bottomless mimosas in Arlington for brunch??  We shall see...